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Mallberry Suites Hotel Cagayan de Oro

This is the contact page of Mallberry Suites Cagayan de Oro City.

As Mallberry Suites does not have it's own webpage yet and many people end up on our site we try to help you to contact Mallberry Suites Hotel.

For booking requests we have a contact form lower in this page.

How to contact Mallberry Suites Hotel

The direct way to contact Mallberry Suites Business Hotel through Internet is to fill in the contact form on the Mindanao Hotels site. You can also go straight to the Mallberry Hotels page on that site by reading on. There is a link lower in this page.

For booking requests you can fill in the contact form below:

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You can find more here to contact information for Mallberry Suites.

Location of Mallberry Suites Hotel

The reason why Mallberry Suites is so popular in Cagayan de Oro City we think is because it is conveniently located near Lim Ket Kai Mall, the biggest Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. As Filipino's like shopping in malls and as they like convenience Mallberry Suites is conveniently located near the mall and probably also gets its name from there.

The real contact details

And for the diehards please note the phone number and e-mail address are published in this site. The link to the real contact details is here.