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What this site is all about

You may wonder what this site is all about as it is obviously not the official site of Mallberry Suites CdO. It actually started with many hits related to the Mallberry Suites Hotel in one of our own sites. The number of hits related to Mallberry Suites was exceptionally high, so being internet adept we started to do a little research about the reason for so many hits of what we think was and still is (as of May 2012) most famous hotel in Cagayan de Oro City.

We learned three things from our internet research about Mallberry Suites:

  1. Mallberry Suites does and did own the domain
  2. There is no website on, only a login screen obviously for access to their e-mail.
  3. A common mistake related to the name Mallberry Suites is Malberry Suites (with one 'l' instead of two).

Mallberry Suites as target client

As we focus on high quality web development, as we consider Mallberry Suites a high standing hotel and as we have quite some clients in the tourism industry we decided to make Mallberry Suites one of our target clients. In some weird twist of the mind we also decided to register the domain related to the common miss spelling of the name in order to redirect that domain to the real site, of course after we would have sold and built it.

The Philippines and especially Cagayan de Oro City being areas where 'connections' are very important we started to find a connection to the owner of Mallberry Suites. Unfortunately we did not find any for quite some time. To make a long story short: in the end we contacted the manager of Mallberry Suites and to our amazement she did not know anything about 'the website' and was and probably is not even aware of this website and the traffic it receives.

Mallberry Suites is still kind of one of our target clients, but after finding the manager, and probably the owner, are not interested in anything internet, we decided not to put any more sales effort as it did not seem to lead to any profit or exposure for us. Loss for both parties we think as we still believe Mallberry Suites could have at least a simple contact information page on or better a decent website making them a better branded hotel.

The story of

So we ended up with the domain and of course being interned minded we decided to put something there. Initially some information about Mallberry Suites, later on including a contact form.

And that is where the problems started for us, as we received many requests from Mallberry Suites customers who wanted to book rooms and functions at Mallberry Suites. As we still did not have any proper connection with them we were not able to do anything with the requests. Trying to pass them on to Mallberry Suites for a small fee was no option for them, so in the end we decided to change the site and make it clear it does not handle contact requests for Mallberry Suites.

In the end we decided to just convert the site to an advertising site, meaning for us it's now just a site with quite some visitors bringing us some money from advertisements, not related to Mallberry Suites in any way, except for the traffic it generates.

What a website could do for Mallberry Suites

We think a website for Mallberry Suites should at least publish their contact details as that is what we experience people are looking for related to the hotel.

A second reason to have a website for them would be promoting the brand Mallberry Suites better.

We are not sure if search optimization on something like 'cagayan de oro hotel' would pay off for them as competition on those kind of phrases is quite fierce and may not pay back the cost.

What the internet could do for you

We mostly avoid the term 'Search Engine Optimization' for the services we offer. Main reason is that we believe that being plainly at the first place in Google or other search engines in general does not mean anything, at least not for the average website. See our reasoning in the paragraph What a website could do for Mallberry Suites.

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