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Mallberry Hotel seems to be another search term that people are looking for when looking for the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City.

As we are using this site for SEO research of course we are interested in how the various items and content of a page affects the score in Google.

If your are just looking for information about the Mallberry Suites Hotel, just go to the Mallberry Hotel Rooms page. If you are interested in SEO just continue below.

Score on Mallberry Hotel

This page was added on January 2, 2011 as we saw that the search term Mallberry Hotel just bring us to average position 8.3 in Google, while other terms like "Mallberry Suites" bring us to positions around 2-3. This page is just intended to see if the score goes up when we just add a page with all kinds of things related to Mallberry Hotel which is why we repeat the word here again and also repeated it above.

Again, our original idea was to build the website for Mallberry Suites Hotel and we just accidentally misspelled the word when looking for availability. Looking backward it was a very bad idea to buy that domain without having the order, but anyhow, we did it and score very good on traffic regarding the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel, presumabley because they did not put up their own website on

Best thing we could do now is just to lead people to a contact option on our Mallberry Suites information page on the Mindanao Hotels site, so at least they can contact the hotel. With our efforts on this site, we might have lost the opportunity for a website for Mallberry Hotel, but of course we're still very interested doing so as web development is our core business and not SEO or exploiting websites.

If you are interested in web development or SEO you may just contact us through the e-mail address and we will contact you. Please note that we do not accommodate requests regarding the hotel as we were not able to make any deal regarding forwarding of messages. From the Mallberry Suites information page on the Mindanao Hotels site we will forward any request to the Mallberry Hotel, but we cannot guarantee any response.