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About Mulberry

And this page is about Mulberry. Mulberry can mean different things.

A mulberry is actually a berry, but also a famous fashion brand.

The Mulberry fashion brand

The Mulberry brand was established in 1971 and it quickly became a major British lifestyle brand. It started with a leather agenda, poacher bags and some other must have things.

In the 21st century Mulberry started with two timeless and typical Mulberry bags: The Bayswater and The Roxanne.

The headquarter of Mulberry can be found in the Somerset coutryside and will stay there as the heart of Mulberry lies in England for many years to come.

The website of Mulberry can be found at

Mulberry accommodation

This site started as a hotel site related to 'malberry', so we gathered some more information about accommodation related to the words 'mulberry', 'mallberrry' and such.

Check out the page Mulberry Accommodation for more information about places related to the word mulberry.

Mulberry (Morus)

Official name of a plant called Mulberry is Morus. It is a flowering plant in the family of Moracae.

Mulberries are swift growing, especially when young, but later on they are slow growing and hardly exceed ten to fifteen meters in height.

The fruit of the Mulberry is a multiple fruit two to three cm in size. They start as white, green or pale yellow and turn dark purple to black when ripe. Mulberries have sweet fruits.

The fruit of the Mulberry can be used in pies, tarts, wines and cordials. Unripe fruits can be toxic.


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Another hotel

And of course there is another hotel related to this site, at least to the original site. It all started with a hotel in a certain city we don't want to repeat here.

As of now our traffic increase is a bit stuck, so we need to find related words or hotels to get traffic for.

The new hotel we found is The Mulberry Tree and it is located in Attleborough, Norfolk, presumatly UK, no idea where that is, but we'll find out later.