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Hotel Mulberry

Mulberry Hotel in New York is a brand new hotel (as we found out per January 2011) which is of course we did not know about before.

It is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in between the Chinatown area and the area that is called Little Italy.

Of course this opens new opportunities for our research project as we'll try to also get traffic for Mulberry Hotel as we do for the other hotel with a similar name. This page is the first attempt for that.

Not sure if it is Hotel Mulberry or Mulberry Hotel, so we'll put it both. Have to be careful though repeating it too much as it might be considered 'keyword spamming'.

And of course we still want to promote our how to rank in Google page, so just some extra paragraph here.

More information

Hotel Mulberry has 34 rooms. Address details are:

Hotel Mulberry
52 Mulberry St.
New York NY 10013
United States of America

More location information

Mulberry Hotel is located on Mulberry Street Downtown Manhattan. It is very near Columbus Park, the largest park in Chinatown New York. Very near to the hotel is the core of Chinatown in New York. Nearby is also Little Italy, another famous area in New York City.

Mulberry Hotel is very near to the city's most popular attractions that can easily be reached by public transport.

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New York

And it seems we really need more of New York here as the way the site started was for a hotel in another city. So better we repeat the word New York a bit more so it would show up more in things the bots are looking for.

Of course this page does not make much sense to humans and is not really interesting, althought the site has quite some traffic now. For the other hotel it is not so interesting to try to increase the traffic, so better focus on Hotel Mulberry and that's located in New York.